Bookmarklets for Stack Exchange

To use, drag the link in bold to your bookmark bar.


Interesting unanswered questions Interesting: Shows a filtered list of unanswered questions, tailored to your preferences. Works only when you are already on the site. source
Random post Random: When executed on any page of an SE site, takes you to a random post on that site. source
Random question with no answers Random Unanswered: When executed on any page of an SE site, takes you to questions with no answers, posted on a random day. source


Vote to close When executed from the question page or review queue, submits a vote to close: source
Vote to close as off-topic When executed from the question page or review queue, submits a vote to close: source
Pending reviews Review: When executed from the review page, sets the page to refresh every 30 seconds, and displays the total number of pending reviews in the title. source
Skip but open in another tab Skip: When executed in a review queue, skips the post but opens it in another window/tab. Useful for performing actions that are not available within review, or for dealing with more than 20 review items in a day. source
New questions with a downvote or closevote Down/closevoted: Shows the list of new questions with at least one downvote or closevote. Data presented as upvotes : downvotes : closevotes : title source
Titles likely to need improvement Titles: Shows the list of recently active questions with titles that are likely to need improvement. source
Sound notification for question activity Activity: When executed on a site's question list, notifies with sound of new activity. (SO excepted). source


Votes cast today Votes: Displays the number of votes cast by you today, for each vote type. source
Vote split on a post Split: Shows the vote split for the post identified by the current browser location (can be a question or an answer). For questions, includes votes to close, reopen and delete. source
Accept rate and more Accept: When used on a question page, displays some data on question owner: accept rate, number of upvotes, question count, and answer count source
Primary election leaders Primary: When executed on the page of election in the primary stage, shows the list of candidates ordered by net votes. Negative scores are not ordered. source
Timeline Timeline: Shows the timeline of the currently viewed post. source
Revisions Revisions: Shows the revision history of the currently viewed question. source


Copy all comments to the answer box Comments: When used on question page, copies all comments on the question to the answer box. Includes the name of each commenter, linked to the comment. Useful for extracting answers from comment threads. source
Spelling Spelling: Corrects some common misspellings (im, doesnt,...) in SE editor window. source
Formatted link to a tweet Tweet: When used on Twitter page of a single tweet or conversation, generates a Markdown-formatted and timestamped link to the open tweet. source
Convert LyX-produced markup LyX: Converts Lyx-produced LaTeX markup to MarkDown/MathJax suitable for SE. source